Base Media

Our Story

Established in 2005 by founder and CEO Chris Bremble, Base Media is one of Asia’s leading visual effects and animation studio. Headquartered in Beijing and with operations in Xiamen, Wuxi, Kuala Lumpur and Los Angeles, the company’s core engagement comprises of three major business lines; Base FX, which provides visual effects, design, previs and post-vis services for film and television, Base Animation, which develops and produces original animation IP, Base Academy, which specializes in training and development of industrial talents.

The group has a combined 450 artists across its current 5 studios, led by some of the industry’s most passionate and experienced talents. All through the past two decades, Base Media has built long-standing relationships with clients like Marvel, Disney, Lionsgate, Sony among others, with credits on over 200 productions to-date.

Our primary focus remains on delivering high-quality portfolios through resourceful and effective solutions. Base Media’s versatility is key to developing custom pipelines to cater to each project, allowing our studios to scale up and modify production when necessary to meet the ever-growing demands of clients and audience for more outstanding visual content.

Base FX has picked up several awards over the years, notably its three Emmy Awards for HBO’s The Pacific, Boardwalk Empire and Black Sails for Outstanding Special Visual Effects including Academy Award nominations for Best Visual Effects for Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Star Wars: The Force Awakens. In Asia, our accolades include Best Visual Effects for Monster Hunt in the Hong Kong Film Awards, and winning the Golden Seagull Award for Best Previs In Feature Film and TV Series and Best Concept Design In Feature Film for Wandering Earth.

In 2017, Base Animation was set up. It took us three years of planning and recruiting the right creatives, technical, and management talents within Asia. The goal was nothing less than to build a facility to produce world-class animation for our clients and continue to captivate the audience. As a result, our first IP animation, Wish Dragon was developed together and was released in theatres as well as on Netflix in 2021.

Chris Bremble