Senior Texture Artist

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Texture Artists are responsible for the creation of a diverse range of texture maps required for computer-generated creatures and hard surface models used in production. Texture artists work closely with modellers, look-development and environment artists to create photo-real assets.


  • Produce high quality texture maps for assets at their skill level
  • Maintain continual and efficient communication with the Look Dev, Modelling, Environment and Production departments
  • Respect schedules and deadlines while delivering texture maps of the highest standard
  • Communicate with Production and Leads regarding schedules and deadlines
  • Share workflow techniques, ideas and reference materials with the team

Required Skills:

  • Extensive knowledge and production experience of Mari, Substance Painter and Designer and Photoshop
  • Experience in a 3D package
  • The ability to work within a team of other Texture Artists or independently
  • Proactive and excellent communication, organisation and interpersonal skills
  • Creative problem-solving skills
  • Reliable with good timekeeping and the ability to meet set deadlines
  • Previous film experience
  • Modelling and Look Dev skills or experience

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