Lighting Artist

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Reporting directly to Lighting Supervisor and Lead, lighters are responsible for the creation of wide-ranging natural phenomena for a variety of live action feature films. Previously lit and rendered wide ranging assets generated by Houdini effects artists, modellers, texture artists and animators.

Key Responsibilities

  • Using Katana and/or Houdini to render a variety of small- and large-scale elements including props, models, environments, crowds, creatures and effects
  • Provide solutions for techniques such as subsurface scattering and physically plausible shading
  • Use HDRI information to match a live action plate with VFX elements
  • Strong emphasis on optimising and troubleshooting renders, providing feedback to departments upstream and render wranglers
  • Work closely with compositors ensuring the renders you provide are consistent with their expectation
  • Follow creative & technical briefs with regard to the production schedule
  • Take ownership of all notes and feedback relating to your shots
  • Strong working knowledge of Maya, Houdini, and Katana in a Linux system environment

Required Skills:

  • Knowledge of Katana and/or Houdini is required
  • Basic knowledge of physically plausible shading techniques
  • A strong understanding of Linux based operating systems
  • A strong knowledge of lighting techniques and a good understanding of colour-space
  • Minimum 2-4 years professional lighting experience in VFX, working on live-action feature films
  • Proficient at compositing in Nuke or similar node based compositing package

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