Senior FX Artist

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Our FX artists are responsible for collecting a range of 3D assets produced by our graphics and animation departments and creating flow simulations of rigid bodies, particles, and fluids. Under the direction of the FX supervisor and/or CG / VFX Supervisor, you will oversee creating the various effects according to the needs of the project.


  • Creating particle, rigid-body, fluid, cloth, fur and/or hair simulations or animations.
  • Applying lighting and shaders to produce the final rendered image or passing the simulation on to a Lighting Technical Director
  • Using a variety of commercial and proprietary FX tools including Maya, Houdini
  • Working in partnership with other departments to ensure that shots are delivered to the highest possible standard
  • Working within the team to determine the various design solutions needed to create the effects
  • Designing and creating images, elements, effects, pipelines, tools and techniques
  • Helping to design solutions involving a more procedural approach in order to create the effects required
  • Supporting the FX Supervisor with mentoring or training more junior artists

Required Skills:

  • An excellent knowledge of Houdini and/or Maya
  • Minimum of 7 years’ experience as an FX Artist
  • A thorough understanding of the techniques and technologies relating to FX simulation and procedural animation
  • Previous experience producing effects such as smoke, fire, clouds, water, steam and explosions in addition to simulation techniques for rigid-bodies, cloth and hair
  • A good understanding of animation and an eye for motion
  • A good understanding of the entire visual effects process
  • A familiarity with pipeline issues, especially working between multiple packages
  • Programming skills with C/C++ along with knowledge of the Houdini HDK and/or Maya API
  • Python and Unix shell scripting will be an advantage

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