Matchmove Artists – Junior / Mid / Senior

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The Base FX Matchmove team’s main responsibility is to ensure a
seamless integration of basic line up geometry and relevant scene data
with the actual scene. To accomplish this, they use our in-house software
to recreate the original background plate photography. Initially, they track
the camera and calculate lens distortion, but they can also perform body
tracking and object tracking if necessary.


  • Camera tracking: Tracking the movement of the camera in a live
    action shot and creating a 3D camera that matches the real-world
  • Object tracking: Tracking the movement of objects in the live-action
    footage and creating a 3D model that matches the object’s
    movement and placement
  • Solving camera and object movements: Solving for the 3D position
    and movement of the camera and objects in the scene using
    specialized software
  • Integration: Integrating 3D objects and environments into live-action
    footage by placing them in the correct position and matching their
    movements to the camera and other elements in the scene.
  • Cleanup: Cleaning up any errors or artifacts that may have occurred
    during the tracking process
  • Communication: Communicating with other departments, such as
    the animation and compositing teams, to ensure that the final
    product meets the director’s vision and meets the technical
    requirements of the project

Required skills:

  • A degree or equivalent in Computer Graphics, Animation or related
  • Experience in camera, object, and body tracking
  • Basic knowledge of Maya is required
  • Ability to create tiy scenes for use in the rest of the pipeline
  • Knowledge of 3D Equalizer will be an advantage
  • Pro-active and good at problem solving
  • Very meticulous and accurate and a good eye for detail

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