FX Artists - Junior / Mid / Senior

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Our FX Artists gather a variety of 3D assets produced by our Layout and
Animation departments and creating rigid body, particle and fluid


  • Concept design: Collaborating with the VFX Supervisor and other
    artists to develop and create concept art for the visual effects that
    need to be created
  • Creating visual effects: Creating various visual effects elements,
    such as explosions, fire, smoke, water, dust, and other natural and
    supernatural phenomena using specialized software and tools
  • Integration: Integrating the visual effects elements into live-action
    footage or other forms of visual media by using compositing
    techniques and tools
  • Collaboration: Collaborating with other artists, such as the
    compositing team, to ensure that the final product meets the
    director’s vision and meets the technical requirements of the project
  • Problem-solving: Solving technical and artistic problems that arise
    during the visual effects creation process, such as dealing with
    complex simulations or finding creative solutions to achieve specific

Required Skills:

  • Experience lighting and rendering with Mantra and Renderman
  • Ability to quickly master proprietary effects and pipeline tools
  • Exercise a high level of focus and skill in a fast-paced production
  • Ability to perform visual and analytical problem-solving
  • Ability to script in Python, C++ and HDK will be an added
  • Experience working with Houdini, Maya and/or Nuke
  • Fresh graduates with a keen interest and a string eye for detail will
    be considered

Please email us at: malaysiajobs@base-fx.com