Digital Matte Painters – Mid / Senior

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

At Base FX, Matte Painters are responsible for producing photo-realistic
matte paintings that can either enhance or replace live action footage.
Their expertise lies in working with different types of media, such as live
action footage, still photography, rendered CG elements, and digital
painting, to craft realistic environments for high-end VFX feature films.


  • Concept design: Collaborating with the VFX Supervisor and other
    artists to develop and create concept art for the digital environment
    that needs to be created
  • Creation of digital paintings: Creating high-quality digital paintings
    using 2D and 3D software that will be used as backgrounds or
    environments for VFX shots
  • Matte painting: Creating the final matte painting using the digital
    paintings and other elements created by the VFX team to create a
    seamless composite with the live-action footage
  • Photorealism: Ensuring that the final matte painting looks realistic
    and seamless, matching the lighting, atmosphere, and perspective
    of the live-action footage
  • Collaboration: Collaborating with other artists, such as the
    compositing team, to ensure that the final product meets the
    director’s vision and meets the technical requirements of the project

Required skills:

  • 3+ years of high-end feature film VFX experience
  • Thorough knowledge of advanced matte painting techniques
    including colour space, digital paint techniques and Photoshop file
  • A good understanding and application of basic perspective as a
    basis for a form building/correcting strategy in the creation of digital
  • Technical proficiency in photography with an emphasis on
    composition, depth, lighting and colour
  • Knowledge of the basic principles of 3D texture projections in Maya

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