CFX Artists – Junior / Mid / Senior

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

As a Creature FX Artist, you will be responsible for setting up skin, muscle,
cloth, hair, and fur on our creatures. Your primary objective will be to
develop and design tools and setups that can handle a variety of complex
creature deformations. This role requires a balance of technical and
creative skills. The ability to script pipeline tools that can streamline shot-
making processes will be an added advantage.


  • Simulation: Creating simulations for dynamic elements, such as hair,
    fur, cloth, and other materials, using specialized software and tools
  • Integration: Integrating the dynamic elements with the characters
    and environments using compositing techniques and tools
  • Collaboration: Collaborating with other artists, such as the character
    animators, to ensure that the dynamic elements are integrated
    seamlessly and match the character’s movements
  • Problem-solving: Solving technical and artistic problems that arise
    during the character effects creation process, such as dealing with
    complex simulations or finding creative solutions to achieve specific
  • Optimization: Optimizing the simulations to ensure that they run
    efficiently within the technical constraints of the project

Required Skills:

  • Knowledge of Houdini, Maya, and Nuke
  • Knowledge of a variety of solvers used for cloth and hair techniques
  • Knowledge of physically based simulation techniques and how they
    relate to film
  • Experience with finagling and PSD workflows
  • Ability to work with and organized complex, physically based assets
  • Phyton and MEL scripting experience, HDK and C++ welcome will
    be an added advantage
  • Collaborate with Asset, Rigging, and Animation teams to develop
    effective and efficient physically based simulation assets and rigs
  • Perform shot tasks such as finagling, cloth setup, cloth sims, hair
    setup, hair sims and various RBD setups and sims

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