Animators – Junior / Mid / Senior

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

As part of our Animation team, you will collaborate closely with our Head
of Character Animation and other Animators to create realistic animation
with convincing performances and motion. You should be skilled in
creature, character, or rigid body animation, and able to deliver your work
within tight deadlines. You will be conscious of project schedules and work
diligently to meet these objectives while adhering to the Base FX pipeline


1. Character animation: Creating realistic and believable movements
for characters, including body language, facial expressions, and lip
sync, using specialized software and tools
2. Object animation: Creating movements and behaviors for objects,
such as vehicles, weapons, or machinery, using specialized software
and tools
3. Motion graphics: Creating animated titles, logos, and other motion
graphics elements that are integrated into films or other visual
4. Collaborating with other departments: Collaborating with other
artists, such as the concept artists, character designers, and riggers,
to ensure that the animation meets the director’s vision and
technical requirements
5. Problem-solving: Solving technical and artistic problems that arise
during the animation process, such as dealing with complex rigs,
animations, or finding creative solutions to achieve specific effects

Required Skills:

  • Minimum 1 to 5 years of CG experience and live-action VFX feature
    films or TV
  • Ability to perform visual and analytical problem-solving in 3-
    dimensional space, including the ability to accurately interpret 3D
    layouts and analyse 3D form.
  • Thorough knowledge of Maya (for Mid to Senior positions)
  • Experienced animating realistic, physical movements over
    character and stylized performance pieces
  • Ability to problem solve and predict potential problems with
    assigned tasks
  • Ability to animate realistic movements
  • Experience mentoring junior artists (for Senior Artist)
  • Knowledge of tool development using Phyton or Mel will be an advantage

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